Informations for patients

Check-out from the Clinic:  At the day of leaving the clinic is the patient provided with a new bandage and medicaments (antibiotics, painkillers) and special elastic underwear. The patient obtains a surgery procedure certificate and a report, which contains following care advices (medicament dosis, wearing of elastical underewear, removing of sutures, possibilities of sporting etc.) .

Booking the term of procedure:    The term of procedure can be booked by phone (Pavel Kurial M.D., tel. +420 723 021 615). Basic informations can be consulted in advance by e-mail (, sending of photos by e-mail (front and profile view) will make the communication easier.

Arrival to České Budějovice:   Foreign patients should arrive at least one day before the planned procedure term. For the pacients and their company  can be booked accomodation in Amadeus *** Hotel, which is placed 300 m far from the clinic.

Pre-procedure consultation:  The pre-procedure consultation can be realized the day before procedure  either at the hotel or the private practice of Pavel Kurial M.D. placed 50 m far from the hotel. The aim of this consultation is to precise the expectations of the pacient, to inform the patient about the detais of the procedure, post-procedure care and possible risks connected with the procedure.

Check-in to the clinic:   The patients check-in to the Clinic of plastic surgery (Hospital České Budějovice – lower area – building D) at 7 a.m. the day of the procedure. For surgery procedures in hdhd the patients have to be empty-bellied (from mid-night the day before it is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke). The anaesthesiologist, that puts the patient to sleep, requires a pre-operation inspection, which must not be older than 7 days and has to contain basic laboratory data, EKG results and the statement of the physician to the procedure.

In extraordinary cases can be the inspection provided at the Clinic. The pre-operation inspection is not needed by procedures with local anaesthesia.

Stay at the Clinic:  After the procedure the pacients are placed in an after-operation room where they are monitored for 2 hours and are under permanent care of medical staff. After that the patient returns to his room.

The lenght of the stay at the clinic depends on the type of procedure. In most cases it lasts 2-3 days. Procedures with local anaesthesia do not require a stay in the clinic.

The Hospital České Budějovice, where the procedure is performed, provides the complete range of special medicine care.